Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Does it have to be so complicated?

As some of you may know, I like to keep things simple. I see no need to complicate things more than necessary. Do you really need to measure, weigh, and count every bit of food you eat, making something so basic and essential to survival a neurotic endeavor? Do you really need to do 20 different exercises, timing and calculating every rest period and weight percentage, isolating every muscle, every workout? For most people the answer is no. People have been surviving, very healthily I might add, and staying in good shape for thousands of years without driving themselves crazy with this stuff. All I'm trying to say is that there's advanced and specific methods out there, and they should only be used for advanced and specific needs/goals. If all you want to do is be healthy, then eat well (good "paleo" type foods), and stay active. Start off simply, listen to your body. When you're hungry, eat, and when you're not, don't. Move around, maybe lift some heavy stuff, or do some activities you enjoy. When you feel good and have more energy, really go for it, and at times when you feel really tired and beat down, take it easy. You can get a pretty long way just doing those simple things. Now are there circumstances or goals where things need to get a little more complicated than that? Well yes. All I'm saying is start simple, then if need be, take it from there. It's kind of like building a base, get your basics down, then if you need to advance from there go ahead, but don't get your cart ahead of the horse. Why not save the complicated stuff for only when it's really needed? I know, many people are impatient, we like the quickest results, and we like to analyze things and make sure everything is going as planned, but being healthy doesn't have to be so complicated. We all know how unhealthy stress is, maybe a little more simplicity could help keep you in better health in and of itself.

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