Sunday, April 24, 2011

Build a base

Impatience and ego are the downfall of many a trainee. I know, its enticing to jump to the most advanced training regimens and techniques you see, thinking you'll become even more "hardcore" or get results quicker, but you may be doing yourself a disservice. Do yourself a favor, start with the basics, master them in proper form using proper muscle recruitment, then move on from there. Focus on progression. Don't try to keep doing exercises out of your range and failing at them, staying stuck and not going anywhere. Going beyond your means is how you stagnate and get injured. Once you have a base of exercises you can properly do, your options widely increase. You wouldn't jump into starting out doing burpees when you can't do pushups properly, or squatting with a barbell when you can't squat properly with bodyweight alone. You can go a long way with a basic weightlifting/bodyweight programs, no need to get into 5 day body splits with supersets, pre-exhaustion training and all that jive. For a basic fitness program with minimal-to-no equipment for general people I like the free Primal Blueprint Fitness ebook  from Marks Daily Apple. Robb Wolf's recommendations for beginners in The Paleo Solution are great too. I also like Martin Berkhan's recommendations over at LeanGains, and simple programs for getting strong like Starting Strength and Wendler's 5/3/1 (which gets slightly more complicated, but is still good) . Personally, I've gotten into gymnastics and been doing the WOD's from GymnasticBodies and really liking them a lot. If none of those are your thing, do something that's appropriate for your goals, or something you enjoy. Just start out at an appropriate level and focus on proper form/technique and progression. Make a solid foundation before you try to build to the sky.

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